You are just one step away from improving the experience of your members and making your team members very happy.

No matter which option you choose, you will get access to all available features and benefits such as our Canadian based cloud, real-time data backups, CASL compliance, PCI DSS... yes, everything!

When you make your selection below we will provide you with a fully working instance of Members Village absolutely free to try for 30 days.

Village Builder

Up to 1,000 user profiles

1 administrator

Up to 1,000 email broadcasts

1 domain name

Strategy session every 12 months

10GB of total storage


City Builder

Up to 2,500 user profiles

5 administrators

Up to 5,000 email broadcasts

1 domain name, additional at $25/month

Strategy session every 6 months

20GB of total storage


Nation Builder

Unlimited user profiles

Unlimited administrator

Unlimited email broadcasts

Unlimited domain names

Strategy session every 3 months

30GB of total storage



Does Members Village support custom development

We've worked tirelessly to build in the features that associations need right into the core product. However, should your association have needs which are not met by the core product it can certainly be extended to encompass the functionality you seek. Quotes for custom work are provided on an individual basis.

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