Make Your Members Happy
And Grow Your Association

Members Village ensures your members have a great experience with your association. After your personalized digital transformation to the (better) association management system your members will...

... access their data securely
... save time through self-management
... share + collaborate best practices
... gain business + marketing exposure

To start, the number of members you take care of...

1,000 and less 1,001 to 2,500 2,501 and more

your member village
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client 1
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client 5
client 6
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Associations We Support

Since Members Village has launched we have on-boarded over 35,000 members, accepted over 25,000 event registrations, processed over $100,000,000 and sent over bajillionzillion e-mails. These are some of the associations which benefit on a daily basis.

Let's Simplify Data + Member Management
For Your Team

Managing an association is challenging when each team member has to figure out their own data solution and processes are thrown together in piecemeal fashion. You don't know where to find things, members call you in frustration. Even paying for membership is complex and time consuming.

When you start using Members Village you'll find all your data quickly. Members will be able to pay you easily and access their data at any time. Your team will be able to manage your association website, member data, emails and e-commerce from anywhere.

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Logo + Web Design For Associations

Managing a new or growing association is hard enough then your team realizes that your branding is not reflective of your members - no problem!

Your association can easily update its logo and website by taking advantage of our full branding package.

Data Security + Privacy Compliance

Hackers are trying to steal your member data now and now aaaaand now. Your membership data is automatically protected through Members Village from the hundreds of attempted breaches every hour. You also don't have think about CASL, PCI DSS or Canadian privacy compliance.


We handle all compliance around email subscriptions automatically.


Perform all e-commerce in a secure environment knowing credit card standards are enforced.

Privacy Law

Your data is stored within Canada to ensure compliance with some of the strictest privacy laws around.

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Association Management System at-a-glance.

You and your team will be provided with some pretty sweet data management tools for your association. We design our member database platform with intention and clarity - simple and time saving! Some of the benefits and features you'll have out-of-the-box include:

Website Builder

Email Broadcasts

Membership Payments

Professional Directory

Event Registrations

Database Builder

Form Builder

Stellar Support

Secure Groups

Financial Reports

YouTube Integration


Conference Management

Resource Guides


Job Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most basic frequently asked questions answered right away. And if something isn't then connect with us and we'll ensure you are put in touch with one of our team members.

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Our cloud infrastructure is fully located within Canada to ensure you comply with privacy laws as they relate to your member data. We operate servers out of Toronto to be precise.

Great question and one too few ask. Our cloud runs real time backups of your data along with snapshotting those backups. So it's like backups for backups.