Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers. And if we don't answer it here don't be shy about asking us directly!


Our cloud infrastructure is fully located within Canada to ensure you comply with privacy laws as they relate to your member data. We operate servers out of Toronto to be precise.

Great question and one too few ask. Our cloud runs real time backups of your data along with snapshotting those backups. So it's like backups for backups.

Of course! We ourselves aren't fans of spam at all, so ensuring members have a simple way to manage their e-mail preferences is built in.

CASL compliance is fully automated for you with the ability to support multiple mailing lists withing Members Village. You're welcome.

We provide support through several paths to accommodate everyones preference. For reporting issues or creating requests we provide you with a secure client portal. For those who like to learn on their own time we provide video tutorials found on our YouTube channel. And for those who want to be completely hands off from managing their portal we provide a webmaster service to help make any change needed.